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Corporate guidance
The manufacture thought of a customer basis is put into practice, and zero defect is realized.
 The BUS RACK & BOARD family of S RC, I consist of rack systems of the unit for VME BUS or CompactPCI BUS, a back board (back plane), extension board, or a Euro board standard size as standard Buss.

It has abundant product lines so that it can be adapted for the market needs to diversify, and reliability and a price side are examined deeply, the board maker has been begun since sale, and it is on many visitors. You use.  

Our company develops the product line which otherwise does not see a kind in the future as a mounting structure special maker of an electronic device, and strives to be able to give you a help.

Please employ [ of your company ] once by all means.
 The basis of corporate management is what "people are harnessed for."
Then, a company calls an employee for "growth and a contribution" and an employee asks a company and work for "work worth."

It checks why are the sense of values and the purpose of these both sides shared, and is the target for which it asks clarified, and it takes part in the planning of this company, and goes ?.

 Moreover, a company is "a group who pursues profits."

While select-few organization is maintained firmly to it and a starved area builds cooperation organization with a partner company, Center firm of the group It carries out and "a strategy and reform" are pursued, and as a maker of quality product structure, with the following four will, it contributes to the electronic device industry and goes by footwork and budget prices which harnessed the feature of the small-and-medium-sized-enterprises object to the utmost.
★Four will ・・・Sense of responsibility.
          Sense of accomplishment.
          Sense of mission.
          A feeling of a share.
 1. "A sense of responsibility" and the "sense of accomplishment" over business in its charge in a small-and-medium-sized-enterprises object.
 2. "A sense of mission" of a hero in oneself.
 3. "A feeling of a share" which ties growth of a company to an individual's growth.
 Yoshihiro Yatsunami
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